Ambur Rose

Featured across the globe from BBC & Time, to Fae Magazine and Martha Stewart's Weddings, Ambur has made her indelible mark on the world with her unique jewelry designs.

Ambur got her start when she was visited by a fairy in her backyard while harvesting tomatoes for her mother to make that famous mouth-watering lasagna. The fairy gave Ambur some jewels, and a lifetime of inspiration that she blesses us all with today, in the form of breathtaking jewelry. You can find her website at where she offers rentals and purchases of her pieces.

Emily Kramer

Recently Emily's designs were in New York Fashion Week as part of the Opera Recycles initiative. An award winning designer, she most recently won Best Design at Charlotte Fashion Week.

Emily got her start embroidering at her grammy's house. Her grammy taught her to sew, and soon she was making costumes for backyard neighborhood plays. In Chicago she dabbled in student film, and from 2002 - 2005 she was costume director at the Phipps Center for Performing Arts in Hudson, WI.

Her collection is available to view at

These are the goobers that have this cool website. This is a photo from when they went to the UK in 2017. One of the few they bothered to take together. They were too busy eating or meeting the royalty to think of much else.

Meet the Wolf and the Rose

Ambur and Emily are Charlotte, NC based artists with a passion for making amazing realities from fantastical ideas. Together they are creating art and collaborating with other artists across the globe to make these dreams a reality.

They bring a high-quality realistic approach to fantasy. The care, research, expertise, and quality of the items they create are not just costumes, they are created with precious gemstones, exquisite silks, with thought toward luxury, comfort (pockets!), and a one of a kind experience.

Prints will be available soon.

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